Local 150 Midwest Operating Engineers Headquarters Building | Countryside, IL

The list of superlatives to describe the Local 150 Midwest Operating Engineers Headquarters are endless.  The outstanding second floor expansion, with lower-level and first floor remodeling are magnified by the striking window wall and granite exterior. The foyer and vestibule extends two-stories with granite and cherry paneling are extremely impressive.  The conference room shown above redefines what a conference room is all about.  In a nutshell, it’s a first class facility for a first class organization.



Local 150 Midwest Operating Engineers Pension Trust Building | Countryside, IL

To add a new 30,000 square foot second floor to an existing building in an of itself is very challenging.  To expand footing, add screw piles and reinforce structural steel columns through a completely finished existing basement and first floor areas certainly adds to that challenge.  Now mix in maintaining a water tight roof over 150 people utilizing this building during construction, along with fire exits and OSHA safety guidelines.  This is what you have along with a beautiful new window wall and granite exterior for this outstanding remodeled and expanded facility.



Local 150 Midwest Operating Engineers Apprentice Training Facility | Countryside, IL

At over 300,000 square feet, this is the ‘largest training facility in the country boasting a list of features that makes this facility the envy of all unions. Construction features and highlights include the following.

  • 300+ acres consisting including a seventeen acre lake for dust control.
  • 9 tower crane training positions.
  • Additional acres for mass grading training.
  • 180′ x 300′ clear span operators arena for winter training.
  • 84′ x 300′ asphalt training bay for winter training.
  • 190 seat auditorium with a Carmon System with capability to demonstrate heavy equipment indoors.
  • 30,000 square feet of equipment repair bays for maintenance and training.
  • 30+ classrooms/lecture areas.
  • Soils lab and welding training areas.
  • Cafeteria and kitchen.
  • Numerous offices.

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